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Basic Update

Well, we're pretty sure we've finalized a theme idea, now it's time to expand on it and set up a database. Just posting this here for those of you still watching out.

Of course, you'll probably find that trying to sign on now is tough and this is due to a clean, fresh database and version.

One of the changes I can tell you for sure is the gamebase. We will be using ProtoMUCK from now on. I've chosen protomuck simply because it is the database I'm most comfortable with. As an added benefit, it's the one most optimized for user-end MUSH/MUCK hybrid. What this means is I will be able to set up about 90% of MUSH/MUX options people are accustomed to using (commands, %r/%t and a few other things). It won't be 100% compatible, but it will make things easier for both MUCK and MUSH users.

If you have any questions to bring up, please forward them to flegendsstaff@gmail.com or address them to comments in this thread.
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It has been a hard decision. However, in light of much disorganization and general cirucmstances, we have decided to shutdown the FL game until we are certain where we will go next.

While shutting down completely is an option, we have not come to that decision yet. Some of the things on the table are:

*A completely new game, new theme.
*Refurbishing FL, perhaps continuing the current line or having a complete 'reset'.
*Similar theme, but a new game that is not 'FL' in any way.

Many things will change. But one thing is certain; if we come back, it will be a return with a complete setup. Though we tried to refurbish and add missing information while remaining 'open', it has sadly not worked out. In any event, we will keep the players informed on the community Livejournal.

All are welcome to post comments and suggestions to any threads that appear or the community itself. But we on the whole feel it is not fair to you, the players, to maintain hope that we will be organized anytime soon... at least until we /are/ organized and do have our ducks in line, so to speak.

We apologize for those new players who came to us and recently apped, and we are sorry to those who have been with us for the duration. This has not been an easy choice but we feel it will be for the best.

All other inquiries and the like may be addressed to flegendsstaff@gmail.com

Thank you.

FLegends Staff

PS: The game will remain up until Sat, September 8, 2007, so players may sign on and archive their characters.
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Game On Part Two

Though we're still working on information, a great deal of what's needed is in place and ready to go. Hence there will be announcements and advertisements and fun and happy recruitment. Applications that are in the box still (sorry about the wait) will be handled by Sat.

For our new players, welcome! For our old-time players, there's some changes that we're going to ask everyone to go with.

Firstly, a lot of you who've been here will have to decide two things:

Where you ended up when the worlds were restored.

What you were doing in the time between the worlds' restoration and the appearance of the new portals.

We have placed in a new system of character generation. For our old players this might sound like a big worry but we are not asking you to update your characters without enormous benefit for yourselves. Further details are in the next post down.

Our webpage has our most current and updated information at this time. Please visit it at:


It is IMPORTANT and I can't stress enough, that despite the required update, those who are approved are still free to RP. Get out there, find old friends, make new friends, compare notes. Explore restored worlds! Marzipan. The only request is that until you've updated your character, you hedge around changes.

For the time being, Traverse Town cannot be found and the World That Never Was is only reachable by Nobodies (And maybe DiZ if we ever get another one. :3 )
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Hello all out there! Yet another update and this one's a bit of a doozy.

We've made up a new system of info storing for what normally was used to store +powers and +pers information. +powers used to group /everything/ in one section and wasn't very good at explaining what we wanted to see in applications (Powers, weaknesses, skills, resources). It also was really restrictive, wasn't it? Here's your shiny character and we claimed you only got four 'powers'.

We are no more stat based than we were before but hopefully this will allow us and yourself a lot more benefits. Of course this does mean we need you to re-sort your info into these fields (as well as your personality stuff into the +psyches command) BUT we are not telling you to do this without any benefit to yourself.

Firstly, with the reopening there will be a few months of IC 'downtime'. Not only will you be able to expand your character (we shall explain some of the stuff as a return of the worlds to their proper order) but you will be able to adjust for what's happened 'in between'... within reason. Old-stuff you still keep and as long as it doesn't change it's kosher largely as is (there may be a few of you we talk to personally but we're willing to try and work with you!). The new stuff and the expansion stuff will need to be approved as if it were an upgrade.

One thing I am asking is that /if/ you were approved with a diary (first person, telling a tale) or ambiguous prose (not a lot of meat and potatoes) type of format in your background or personality, you will need to write something more solid and bland and factual. As nice and creative as these formats can be, it doesn't give us the info that we need about the character sometimes.

Players will still not be able to treat their character as if they spent 100 hours levelling to 99 with all options and spells and everything. FF8 mains, for instance, will not suddenly have access to every single GF in the game - they're still going to be scattered unless you apped for a particular one. This is more to place a little more breathing room into your character as well as a 'perk' of us asking you to do the dirty work.

In addition this is not a 're-app'. While we have to approve all the changes before you RP them, you will /still have the character/. No one else can app for the character, simply put.

You can choose not to do the changes. That's fine, Capricorn will be happy to move the stuff to the new format. HOWEVER you will not get the chance to upgrade/update your character, period. You will have only the as-is info in your original app transferred to the new format and will have to wait a while and get some RP going out there before you request changes. Please don't try to wiggle in new stuff directly after Capricorn does the work for you. It will only make her cranky.

This opportunity is open for /3 weeks/. After this point Capricorn will transfer the remaining non-changed characters to the new format and the above about waiting for upgrades/updates will apply. Why did we wait so long? In part, it was to make sure we had a decent amount of info in place - theme considerations, info on how we handle things like magic and so on - so that there wouldn't be a re-re-write. Will you be able to RP your approved before you adjust? YES. Just hedge around the changes you intend to make. This will let us jump right in with TPs you can join on, including not delaying the opening TP.

Please page or mail any questions to Capricorn.

The new format for applications can be found here: http://flegends.isunlimited.net/index.php/Application

If you decide to do a rewrite, do the updates and then mail Capri when you're ready to be checked over and locked. (do not use +app/request unless you're still not approved) If you decide to have staff do it for you, mail Capri so she can get started.
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Game On

We are officially reopened!

Still missing some files, there's probably going to be some tweaks to existing ones but the information as-is, will be solid enough to go by.

If you have any questions, just sign on and speak to staff.
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Role-call..... Closed!

As the subject says, call for reports in have been closed as of this post. If by this time you have NOT turned in a request for your characters to be kept, then you will have to reapply from scratch. (Rikku, Talon, I have your keep requests, no worries).

For a short time, @decompiles (that is, files of the information stored on any given character) of unreported characters will be kept. You may request via email to: flegendsstaff@gmail.com and it will be sent to you pasted into an email (not as an attachment). IF the email matches our record for that character (or you can provide the email and name on our record), we will send the copy to you. You will need to provide the character name(s) and the abovementioned information if the email is not a match to our records.

Items/code items will -not- be kept. This @decompile will only reflect information stored on the character bit.

The @decompiles will be available for 30 days, after which they will be deleted.

A full character deletion/wipe will take a few days as we will be going through and making sure current alt lists match properly. This means you might be able to sign online, but you will still be required to reapply for the character if you didn't report in. No exceptions will be made.
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Argh Gargle

'Where is the reopening' you may be wondering. Well, it is coming. RL happens and a barrage of really crappy circumstances did kick the local staff's collective butt. But to occupy your time while we're catching up over the next few days, we have shinies for you to look at.

For a brief explanation, note that the reopening is planned to occur after Ansem's defeat and the worlds are (temporarily) closed from one another. (That part of the theme is still only half up, but bear with us please! I will finish it up tomorrow and have it posted.) So! We have completed writeups for FF8, FF9, and FFX. There is also most of a Policies page. And more to come!

Argh, now it's off to work. Oh yeah, and the page to look at these things is http://flegends.isunlimited.net/ (The world stuff can be found under History and the Policies under.... Policies.
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((Cross post))

Due to a whole slew of iRL reasons (including work and the first real chance at an out of town trip in three years), I am extending the April 1st deadline to April 8 (Easter Sunday).

Because of a crisis at my out-of-home job (the only other employee on my shift having to suddenly have surgery), I'm sort of pulling extra hours in a week I really needed to spend those extra hours kid-proofing the house so my sister could come and watch mom while I took the abovementioned trip. The only full day I have off right now before the trip is Sat, which is full of doing things like getting taxes done with my older sister and visiting dad. <.< >.> And then the trip happens to fall -on- the weekend of April 1st itself but changing it may completely trash my chances of going at all because of the delicate balance of arrangements I have to make. So...

This is not a usual situation, so I felt it best to extend the date rather than toss the MU out the window because of the evils of a rogue gall bladder. :3

In any case, where it says 'April 1st' in any post before this one, it now means 'April 8'.
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Checkin Roster!

Reminder: Make sure you get the characters you wish to keep to us by April 1st! All who are not noted below are subject to deletion!

Registered Characters
This list of characters who have checked in so far in alphabetical. If you are not on this list, please make sure you email flegendsstaff@gmail.com or mail Capricorn on FLegends (do not leave comments to this post!). If you have some of your alts on this list but some are missing and you wish to keep them, make sure you let us know in the same way as above!

Cid Highwind

In Application
People in this section are applying for characters. In the case of FCs, these characters are currently still available for contesting applications but are also 'checked in' as it were, inasfar as we promise we won't delete you because you're not on the list. XD

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April First (Important, Please Read)

(Crosspost from MU*)

On April 1, Fantasy Legends will make or break. This is not a prelude to an April Fools joke.

What this means is simple enough. Staff will be working to gather together the remaining active players, write, edit or adjust existing and much needed news and help files. On April 1st, hinging heavily on whether more than 75% is in place and ready to go, Fantasy Legends will experience a grand reopening. What does this mean? A number of things, though mostly (I hope) ending up as being good both for past and future players and RP.

A list of current goals is detailed below in an effort to keep everyone informed as to what will change and what will not. These goals may change - either revised, added to or dropped altogether - and will be updated accordingly.

Serverwise, we will remain on RhostMUSH unless I can find a way to easily move the database to an easier system.

Softcode-wise, code will change and be combed through to be fixed or discarded as is seen fit. If you wish to suggest a code to be added, please list it in the comments below and it'll be taken into consideration.

This MU* will remain up and open to existing players during the remodeling. You will be able to RP as usual though for the time being, TPs of major importance or global effect will probably be put on hold. If you have questions about a TP during this time, please make sure you ask staff.

Theme and Continuity
The theme and existing continuity will not be changed at its core. It will still be 'Kingdom Hearts with FF worlds instead of Disney worlds'. Backstory and other events will be written up in files.

The sequence of events to the KH part of the continuity will be cleaned up (they have been in a muddle).

Progression of the current storyline may be forwarded to but things closer to (though not exactly canon) the KH2 part of the plotline.

Active Player Rolecall
All players must notify Capricorn if they wish to keep their characters. If you wish to wait and see if things follow through before becoming active again, this is understandable. But please list your interest so we know not to delete you come April 1st. Send email to flegendsstaff@gmail.com with the list of characters you wish to keep. If you cannot email, use the ingame mail ('mail Capricorn=Character List' and then follow the instructions. List your alts and your current email.). I implore you to use one of these two methods to ensure I don't forget or miss any page requests. Again, make sure you list all of your alts, FC and OC, that you wish to keep.

Applications will still be processed if you're really keen on applying (because we <3 the players and wouldn't want to make people wait), but I recommend waiting until April 1st.

There will be a new way to fill out information and character foo, which will hopefully be both a -lot- more liberal (allowing for a wider definition of abilities and character). This may require some help to update older characters but staff will work with you to help accomplish this goal. While we want to open more possibilities to players, to do so will require at least some willingness to update or change what's presently there.

As the weeks go by, polls and questions will appear on the community, representing requests to you, the player, to drop your input to shape any changes to the MU*. Additionally, all posts related to the reopening will remain 'open' for questions that will be answered as soon as possible.

This post will be expanded on later after I get home from work. For now it is a placeholder so you can put up any comments or questions you wish to bring up to the general populace. Those questions will be answered asap.

If you have any questions or comments, post them to this thread and they'll be answered as soon as possible! ^^